The limited liability company "SHOSTKINSKY ELEVATOR" was founded in 2013 in the city of Shostka.

In September 2016, the first stage of the elevator complex was put into operation and the company started its activities. Provision of grain storage services in the full scope of the technological process, namely: receiving, cleaning, drying, weighing, shipment by road and rail, as well as grain storage, etc.

During 2016-2020, the company only increased its capacity due to the construction of new warehouses, the purchase of technological tanneries, new powerful and modern drying equipment, etc.

As of 31.12.2020

The grain warehouse of the Enterprise's elevator complex has a total storage capacity of 70,000 tons. The elevator complex includes real estate objects - buildings located on leased land plots with a total area of 9.527 hectares.

The actual address of the location of the elevator complex: Sumy Region, Shostka, Gagarina Street, building 1/175.

SHOSTKINSKY ELEVATOR LLC is already a stable, modern, and powerful enterprise. We have a number of advantages over our competitors, which allows us to perform our work productively and be open to cooperation with new depositors, and new business partners.

One of the advantages is the technical indicators of equipping with high-tech equipment, which allow you to quickly use time throughout the entire production process, and in particular, to optimally use the time for receiving and shipping grain and loading routes. This helps to prevent stoppages of road transport and railway cars. This improves the company's logistics. The property complex has sufficiently convenient driveways. The road leading to the property complex has a good asphalt surface and is adapted for convenient movement, both by passenger and heavy-duty vehicles. The created structure of road access on the territory of the enterprise is harmoniously coordinated with the existing external roads, which ensures a convenient transport service for the enterprise.

A modern, certified, equipped laboratory of the enterprise is another competitive advantage. Laboratory equipment makes it possible to carry out all necessary analyzes of grain.


The property complex's drying equipment includes two grain dryers: a tower-type dryer, model "G7000" and a "STELA" grain dryer.