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    Happy Independence Day!
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    Elevator Shostka
    Quality. Reliability. Efficiency.


High productivity and quality of the processes of storage and processing of various grain crops!


Our technologies provide ecological and industrial safety!


Automation of production processes and the optimal staffing!


Eco policy of Elevator Shostka

Environmental protection activities, support of environmental initiatives are important elements...

First thousand tons of new harvest is accepted!

Beginning of wheat cleaning up in the Sumy region marked...

Quality of the product is one of the main points to pay attention

In spite of the high level of manufacturing automation, employees...

The season of processing grain-growing is finishing

According to chief executive of LTD "Shostka elevator" Vladimir Kokotin,...

Shostka Elevator

We are the modern perspective company that provides all basic services in an agricultural produce.

We provide:

  •   High quality of storage and processing of different grain and oil-bearing crops;
  •   High performance;
  •   Automation of production processes;
  •   Environmental and industrial safety;
  •   Professional staff;
  •   Educating and introduction of front-rank technologies;
  •   Verified, reliable business-relations;
  •   Stable development, achievements.

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