The season of processing grain-growing is finishing

 The season of processing grain-growing is finishing. According to chief executive of LTD "Shostka elevator" Vladimir Kokotin, an enterprise succeeded to execute practically everything, that it was pre-arranged.

An elevator processed more than 20 million kg of corn seeds  and 5100 thousand kg of sunflower.

 - The season was difficult, firstly due to the weather conditions,  but the arranged collective work helps to execute the tasks. We are looking forward with optimism, planing to extend a production considerably, - a leader marked.

In particular,  the tasks in 2018 are to set one more drying tower and to extend an area for storage by setting additional silos on the grain elevator.

  - We will soup up production,  we will be able to process more grain, and it, in turn, increases the working place, receipt of income, withholdings in a budget, -  Vladimir Kokotin summarized.

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