The group of companies Ahrokholdynh "Ahroinvest" was established in 2013 in Shostka (Sumy region).Today Holding consists of 9 enterprises - the direct producers of agricultural product, and also has its own grain elevator in Shostka.

More than 5 years, agroholding has been carrying on productive activity on grain and oil-bearing crops growing in Sredne-Budsky, Yampolskiy, Shostka districts (Sumy region) and Semenovsky district (Chernihiv region). Ahrokholdynh "Ahroinvest" grows an agricultural produce, renders services in cultivating soil and grain elevator service. Having about 6000 ha in 2013 the holding swiftly increased the land-bank up to 22000 ha in 2018. The main cultures are corn, sunflower and wheat.

A capacity of own elevator in Shostka - LTD "Shostka elevator" - is 60 thousand tons of wheat (100 thousand tons of grain were accepted in 2017). Tractor park counts over 25 units of agricultural technique. The tested and reliable "iron giants" of John Deere and CASE companies make the basis for Agricultural park equipment. 700 tons of products are transported by own possibilities every day. Collaboration with the world agricultural technique producers is a strategic partnership for Ahrokholdynh.

Staff is a large value and pride. More than 100 specialists are involved in high-quality and productive work. The best agriculturists and mechanics with long-term experience pick-a-back, holding a hand on a pulse, inculcate front-rank technologies in agriculture. Special attention on employees education. Annually, visiting the market leaders and world producers of agriculture products in Europe, America, Canada, Brazil, the Ahrokholdynh "Ahroinvest" representatives interchange experience with the foreign colleagues, bring innovations to Ukraine. Employees also visit agricultural exhibition in Ukraine and Germany.

Trust, loyalty, reliability bind Ahrokholdynh "Ahroinvest" to the partners, clients, setting optimal contractual terms. Cooperating with verified grain traders, the products have high demand on both home and foreign markets.

Not wishing to settle for what has already been achieved, the group of companies Ahrokholdynh "Ahroinvest"  is actively continuing to grow production capacities, caring for quality at stable high level!